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Destinations - Armenia

North of Armenia. Source: panoramio.com by cesarparada
Armenia and The Life Park. Source: panoramio.com by giovafuentes
Armenia Cathedral. Source: Uff.Travel
Barranquismo. Source: Uff.Travel
Yipao in Bolivar Square. Source: panoramio.com by Gen_x
Life Park. Source: Uff.Travel
¡Welcome to Armenia !
The miracle city, capital of Quindio department offers various options for rest and recreation for everyone. As the door to the coffee area of the country , Armenia love with its scenery , exquisite cuisine , and above all, with the friendliness of its people.

Facts and tips

  • Before becoming the capital of the department of Quindio , Armenia became part of the departments of Cauca, Carthage and Manizales. 
  • Armenia is known as the Miracle City thanks to the strength of its people , especially after overcoming the 1999 earthquake . 
  • As good representative of Colombian coffee , Armenia offers its visitors variety of preparations for everyone . 
  • The coffee farms are a good option to know and enjoy the culture Quindio .